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Control, Privacy & Security

Blinds, Curtains, Gates & Doors
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Door & Window Furnishings

Many homes today are designed with large glass windows and doors, promoting and supporting open plan living. For this reason, many homes have a number of rooms with window and glass door furnishings. Open and closing them can be mission, but not if you have robot® smart homes!

Window furnishings such as blinds and curtains offer much more than just aesthetics. Selected to enhance your interior decor of choice and to compliment other items in a room, blinds and curtains also assist with insulating your home in both summer and winter as well as help to control natural light. robot® smart homes offer a seamless solution for all areas of your home. With the touch of a button, control the atmosphere and natural light in every zone of your home. With ‘good night’ and ‘good morning’ routines, your blinds and curtains can be set to open and close at any scheduled time, removing the hassle inconvenience of traditional blinds.


Waking to bedroom blinds opening at a pre set time each morning. No longer waking to the sound of an alarm clock but the natural light through your window.

Settling down to watch a movie and conveniently drawing the curtains and downing the blinds from the comfort of your lounge to create that movie theatre feeling.

At the end of the day, all blinds and curtains automatically draw to a close and call it a night. All at the touch of a button or a quick voice command.

It’s all possible with robot® smart homes

Gates & Doors

Security and peace of mind is paramount and is top of mind for all home owners. Knowing your home and family are safe and secure is priceless. Automatic gates assist in deterring potential intruders and keeps unwanted visitors and pesky neighbourhood pets at bay. And lets not dismiss the ease and convenience of entering and exiting your property – rain, hail or shine, without the need for getting in and out of the car, manually opening doors or gates.

Using an end-to-end encrypted wi-fi and Bluetooth-enabled connection, monitor and control gates, garage doors and even security cameras from anywhere via your robot® smart homes app. The robot® smart homes system allows for doors and gates to securely close and lock on cue either by voice activation or by smartphone or tablet. robot® smart homes integrates seamlessly with both Android and iOS platforms.

Benefits of Smart Home Privacy & Security


Control opening and closing blinds, curtains, gates, garage doors and the front door at the touch of a button.


Keep dry, cool, or warm throughout the seasons knowing you never need to get out of the car to manually open an external gate or door.


Save time. No need to go around manually opening or closing every blind or curtain, or manually open or close external doors and gates.


Secure your home, with ‘smart’ doors and gates, curtains and blinds all at the touch of a button through your mobile device or by voice command.


robot® smart homes adds value for home owners, and offers innovative appeal to future home buyers.
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