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CO₂  Sensor

Giving you the power to make the invisible, visible.



Monitors CO₂ Levels Temperature & Humidity

Email and SMS Alerts

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View all Sensors on Dashboard with Live Monitoring

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Encrypted Transmission

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Link up to 1000 CO₂ Sensors

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Designed & Engineered in Germany

Easy Installation

Smart CO₂ Sensors ONLY require 240V power and communicate wirelessly through a LoRa Network.

The LoRa Network is the perfect network for these Sensors as it has a very long range, reaching up to 2kms and is able to communicate through brick and concrete substrates. This network is set up by ROBOT® experts and is not dependent on your own WIFI.

How they work

Smart CO₂ Sensors provide peace of mind, monitoring Air Quality Levels to promote safe learning and workplace environments.

Lights for co2 sensor

Smart CO₂ Sensors have 3 alert features:


At 800PPM the Sensor illuminates orange


At 1000PPM the Sensor flashes Red

At 1500PPM The Sensor flashes Red and Alarm

Suitable for Commercial Spaces

Our Smart CO₂ Sensors can be used in a wide variety of indoor Commercial Spaces such as:

  • School classrooms and universities buildings
  • Places of worship
  • Offices, conference rooms, and workspaces
  • Hospitals, medical and dental centres
  • Personal living spaces such as villas, apartments, and homes
  • Shopping centres and plazas
  • Courtrooms
  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Cinemas
CO2 Sensor for medical offices
CO2 Sensor for school
CO2 Sensor for medical
CO2 Sensor for offices
CO2 Sensor Dashboard2

Dashboard & Reporting

The Smart CO₂ Sensor system provides an intuitive dashboard comprising a customisable layout that the user can configure. Real-time updates are displayed immediately on the dashboard, allowing you to keep track of the dynamic environment. In addition, you have the freedom to view history based on customisable intervals in minutes, hours, days, weeks, or years. For convenience, reports are automatically generated and communicated to the end-user via email. The Smart CO₂ Sensor system makes managing the system easy.

Important tool in the fight against Covid-19

The spread of COVID-19 is made easier when we exhale indoors. This is because the COVID-19 virus may be suspended in tiny liquid droplets (aerosols) in the carbon dioxide (CO₂ ) we exhale. These particles can float and linger for prolonged periods, potentially exposing others to the virus particles. An effective way of mitigating infection, therefore, is by monitoring CO₂ levels.
CO2 Sensor for co-working spaces

Breathe Easy

Monitoring CO₂ levels is made fast, simple, and cost-effective with the ROBOT Smart Co2 LoRa Sensor. Using live intelligent measures and reporting, this Smart Co2 Sensor can help protect any indoor environment from COVID-19 or other virus or germs from spreading. Our Co2 Sensors offer real-time LoRa-based communication with a simple plug-and-play interface. With highly accurate measurements taken at 2-second intervals, you can rest easy that the air you are breathing is the best it can be.

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What is the range of each sensor?
Each sensor can cover around 50m2 of a room.
Do they require batteries?
NO! They are plugged in with a 3.3V Power Supply so no need to replace batteries.
What is the expected lead time?
It takes approximately 21 days from date of order.
How long does it typically take to do an installation?
The installation of a CO₂ Sensor installation depends on the number of Sensors being installed. ROBOT® can efficiently install approximately 40-60 CO₂ Sensors per day.
How is the accuracy of the CO₂ Sensor maintained?
The sensor is calibrated before installation. ROBOT® services the CO₂ Sensors on a yearly basis.
Does this product require other accessories for it to be functional?
The device only requires a LoRa Networked Gateway. The Gateway is programmed, installed and serviced by ROBOT®.
How many devices can be installed and connected with the Gateway?
Unlimited, however 1,000 devices are generally recommended.
What is a LoRa Network?
A LoRa Network is a Highly Encrypted Radio Frequency, which can communicate with IOT Devices a very long way away, and able to penetrate through building materials such as concrete and brick.
What is the life expectancy of a Smart CO₂ Sensor?
The life expectancy of these Sensors are around 15 years.
What are the costs associated with a Smart CO₂ Sensor installation?
The following service and support is incorporated into the cost: the supply, installation, service, maintenance and software of ROBOT® Smart CO₂ Sensors.
Each sensor has a yearly fee of apprx. $110 per sensor (depending on the number of sensors installated at each location). This fee includes, software licensing, networking fees and a 12 month service check of each CO₂ sensor to ensure calibration. Completed by ROBOT®.
What certifications and approvals apply to this product?
The product is CE and RoHS certified, and ETA approved.