Elevate Your Home Experience: The Power of H.A by robot®

In today’s fast-paced world, the concept of a “smart home” has evolved beyond mere convenience. It’s about seamlessly integrating technology to create a home experience that’s not only efficient but also truly enjoyable. Imagine having the power to control your entire home with a single app, eliminating the chaos of managing multiple applications for various devices. This is where Robot® steps in to revolutionize your home.

The App Chaos Dilemma

With the rapid proliferation of smart devices, homeowners are often faced with a daunting challenge: managing multiple apps to control their lights, thermostat, security system, and entertainment devices. This app chaos not only clutters your smartphone but can also lead to confusion and frustration.

The Solution: A Singular App for Your Home

At robot®, we’ve recognized this dilemma and have designed a solution that elevates your home experience. We create a singular app for your home, whether you’re starting from scratch or already have existing smart devices. Our approach simplifies your life and enhances your home’s efficiency.

Leading Brands, Seamless Integration

We understand that your smart home is only as good as the devices that power it. That’s why we’ve partnered with leading brands in the industry to provide you with the best smart home experience possible. Here are just a few of the brands we seamlessly integrate:

  • SAL Pixie Plus: Lighting control at your fingertips.
  • Daikin: Effortless climate control for ultimate comfort.
  • Bosch: Advanced security solutions for peace of mind.
  • Clipsal Wiser: Smart wiring solutions for a connected home.
  • Acmeda: Automated window furnishings for style and convenience.
  • SOMFY: Motorized shading and smart home automation.
  • Samsung: Cutting-edge appliances for modern living.
  • LG: Innovative home electronics for every room.
  • SONOS: Premium audio for the perfect soundtrack.
  • Philips HUE: Customizable lighting for any mood.
  • Legrand Living Now: Stylish switches and sockets for a modern home.
  • Clipsal CBUS: Intelligent lighting and control systems.
  • ROBORock: Smart cleaning solutions for a pristine home.
  • Leading Camera and Intercom Brands
  • Ford and Tesla: Electric vehicle integration for a sustainable future.

Just to name a few

The Power of Home Assistant

Behind the scenes, we harness the capabilities of Home Assistant, the leading open-source home automation platform. Home Assistant ensures that all your devices work harmoniously together, providing you with a seamless and intuitive control experience.

With Home Assistant as the backbone of your smart home, you’ll enjoy:

  • Centralized control and monitoring.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices.
  • Customization to suit your unique preferences.
  • Automation of routine tasks for added convenience.


robot® is dedicated to making your smart home dreams a reality. We believe that a simplified, unified control experience is the future of smart homes, and we’re here to lead the way.
Say goodbye to app chaos and hello to a smarter, more connected home with Robot®. Elevate your home experience today!

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