Energy Management

Anticipate your electricity expenses with our advanced system, by closely tracking your energy consumption and usage patterns, our technology provides valuable insights into your expected energy bills.

Smart Home Insights: Enhancing Safety, Efficiency, and Lifestyle

This knowledge empowers you to make informed choices regarding energy conservation and budgeting, offering you a clear picture of your future financial commitments.

Our smart home solution transcends standard control; it actively safeguards your residence by vigilantly monitoring your appliances. It can discern irregular behaviour patterns, such as spikes in energy consumption or unusual appliance usage. This proactive surveillance aids in the early detection of potential issues, like malfunctioning appliances, allowing you to take swift action to maintain the integrity
and safety of your home.

Our dedication to improving your quality of life extends to data collection on your daily routines and habits. H.A by robot® Smart Homes offers valuable insights into your lifestyle, enabling you to understand how you live. With this knowledge, you can make informed adjustments to enhance efficiency and comfort, tailoring your home environment to your unique preferences. In doing so, your smart home becomes a true reflection of and support for your individual lifestyle

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