Our Process

Our team of smart home experts ensure a smooth transition to smarter living, customising solutions for both new and existing homes in 4 easy steps

Consult & Design

This initial phase is crucial for understanding your vision and preferences for a smart home. We highly recommend an in-person consultation at our showroom, where you can
experience firsthand the potential of smart home technologies.

Our expert team will work with you to design a customised solution that not only meets your functional needs but also aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

Prepare & Deliver Smart Products

Here, we focus on preparing and organizing the smart products essential for your home. We select high-quality, compatible components that complement your design plan.

Once prepared, we ensure these products are delivered to your location on time, setting the foundation for an efficient installation process.

Manage Project

Effective project management is key in this stage. Our team not only coordinates with technicians and electricians, but we also make regular visits to the site to meet with trades and ensure everything is progressing smoothly.

We maintain open communication with you, providing updates and ensuring the project aligns with the initial plan and timeline.

Setup & Personalise

In this final step, our technicians set up and program your smart home system, integrating and configuring all devices for seamless operation. We focus on personalising the system to suit your lifestyle and preferences. Post-installation, we provide a comprehensive demonstration and training on using your new smart home system.

Additionally, we return after 30 days to make any necessary adjustments, ensuring your smart home perfectly fits your daily life.

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