Control your entire home, all from one centralised point.

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Step into any room with the assurance that your next move will be bathed in perfect illumination, thanks to a home that intuitively caters to your needs.

It gently casts a warm, welcoming glow along your path when you greet family and friends, softly guides you to your bed after a long day, and adjusts the lighting to match the time of day with flawless precision.

With an all-encompassing whole of home dimming capability, you are in control of creating the ideal mood for any occasion. Effortlessly craft the atmosphere you desire, whether it’s a peaceful evening or a lively gathering. Your home’s lighting system provides the orchestra for the ambiance you seek, conducted by you and H.A by robot®.

Blinds &

Begin your day with the gentle touch of sunlight streaming through your windows and the ease of total environmental control.

Enjoy the privacy and comfort of your home with automated blinds and curtains that adjust to your needs. Experience the ease of whole-home shade control or let your home optimise your environment for you. As you relax with a movie, the shades close to create the ideal ambience. Smart shades offer more than convenience; they enhance your well-being, allowing you to focus on what’s important as your home aligns with your lifestyle.

Air Conditioning

There’s nothing quite like returning to a home that welcomes you with a comforting embrace.

With H.A by robot®, you gain the power to effortlessly manage
your air conditioning and various climate control devices.
Take a step back and allow your home to take the lead in ensuring
your comfort. It intelligently regulates and maintains the perfect temperature for you and your family, all in a seamless manner,
demonstrating environmental mindfulness by adjusting settings only when your presence is expected.

Say goodbye to outdated air conditioning control panels, and let your home’s natural beauty take centre stage, creating a personalised sanctuary that caters to your needs.

Alarms & Security

Enjoy unparalleled peace of mind with a home that vigilantly stands guard over your safety and security.

Monitor the status of your doors and find peace in the knowledge that your home ensures every entryway is securely closed before you leave or retire for the night. If, by chance, any door remains open, rest assured that your home will notify you with a simple click of a button to automatically secure the door, preserving your home’s tranquillity and peace of mind.


Keep a watchful eye on your haven with cutting-edge cameras that miss nothing.

From the palm of your hand, monitor live feeds, review recorded footage, and stay connected to your home. Whether it’s checking in on pets or ensuring your property is secure, Robot Smart Homes delivers complete visual control anywhere, anytime.


Bridge the gap between your home and the world outside with smart intercoms that redefine convenience.

Greet guests without needing to be at your door. Our smart door integrations ensure you know exactly who’s on the other side. Integrated seamlessly into your smart home system, it’s the perfect blend of safety and hospitality.

Smart Locks

Enter the era of keyless convenience with smart locks that secure your home.

Say goodbye to fumbling with keys. Our smart door locks offer secure, keyless entry to your home, ensuring that only you and your chosen ones can gain access. With features like remote locking/unlocking, facial recognition and access logs, you have complete control over your home’s security.


Immerse yourself in the ultimate audio-visual experience, tailored to your mood.

With Robot Smart Homes, every note and scene comes to life with precision. Streamline your entertainment with integrated control of audio, speakers, and media devices, creating the perfect ambience for any occasion. Whether it’s movie night or a party, control is at your fingertips.


Navigate through a home that responds to your every move with smart motion sensors.

Our motion sensors bring your home to life, automating lighting, security, and more as you move through your space. Experience the ease of lights that greet you as you enter and fade away as you leave, enhancing both convenience and energy efficiency.

Media &

Revolutionise your viewing experience with seamless control over your TV and entertainment ecosystem.

Gone are the days of looking for remotes. With Robot Smart Homes, one device rules them all. Tailor your TV viewing with intuitive control that makes finding and enjoying your favourite shows easier than ever.

& Gates

Welcome home to a seamless entry experience with automated garage doors and gates that open as you arrive.

Enhance your home’s accessibility and security with smart garage and gate controls. With just a click or based on your location, ensure your home welcomes you back exactly when you need it to, adding both convenience and a layer of security.


Step into the future of home management with smart appliances that simplify your daily routines.

From the kitchen to cleaning, integrate your smart home appliances and save time and energy. Control your appliances through your smart home system, creating a home that not only looks after itself but also adds ease to your life.

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