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The future of lighting for your home

Experience the comfort of smart lights without all the hassle of complicated and expensive set up and installation.

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Never under estimate the importance of lighting

Lighting can open up a space making rooms feel larger and brighter, they allow for function so you can easily get on with your task with clarity, and of course safety. Lighting also creates mood, atmosphere and aids in home security. So lighting is not ‘just’ lighting it is a very important function in any home. With today’s modern living style of open plan homes, we see more lighting in homes then ever before. Making your home a Smart Home, particularly when it comes to lighting, makes perfect sense.

robot® smart homes are specialists at building fully integrated and customisable smart home systems. Manage and intelligently control both internal and external lighting in your home from your smartphone, tablet or by voice command. Realised you forgot to turn off the light when you arrived at the office – no problem. While out for dinner, need to turn on a light for that added level of security?

robot® smart homes offers a one stop smart home solution

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Benefits of Smart Home Lighting


Control downlights, pendant lights, under bench lights, pool lights, garden lights, lamps from anywhere in your home, or remotely via your robot® smart homes app


Set and forget. Pre-set lights to come on and switch off at times that suit you and your family


Save time. No need to rush around your home turning off all the lights and lamps when leaving of entering your home


Able to turn lights off an on at a touch of a button even while not home, saving energy and your electricity bills!


Adds value for home owners, while offering innovative appeal to future home buyers