Seamlessly Integrate Your Favorite Brands into Apple HomeKit with robot®

In the world of smart homes, Apple HomeKit is renowned for its seamless integration and user-friendly experience.

However, due to Apple’s stringent conditions, not all smart home brands and products have the privilege of being part of the Apple ecosystem. That’s where robot® comes in, breaking down barriers and expanding the world of Apple HomeKit compatibility.

Apple HomeKit: A World of Possibilities

Apple HomeKit is a powerful platform that allows homeowners to control their smart devices using their Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. It provides a centralized and secure hub for managing all your smart home devices, making life more convenient and efficient.

Breaking Down Barriers

Until now, some of your favorite brands may have been excluded from the Apple HomeKit ecosystem due to Apple’s strict conditions. This limitation can be frustrating for homeowners who wish to have a unified and Apple-centric smart home experience.

robot®: Bridging the Gap

At robot®, we believe in empowering homeowners with choice. Our team of experts has cracked the code to integrate leading brands into Apple HomeKit, regardless of Apple’s stringent requirements. This means you can enjoy the best of both worlds: your favorite brands and the seamless Apple HomeKit experience.

Leading Brands, Apple Integration

We are proud to offer integration with an impressive lineup of leading brands. With robot® and Apple HomeKit, you can seamlessly control devices from:

  • Daikin: Effortless climate control that’s now Apple HomeKit compatible.
  • Bosch: Enjoy advanced security solutions within the Apple ecosystem.
  • SAL Pixie Plus: Illuminate your home with Apple HomeKit support.
  • Clipsal Wiser: Smart wiring solutions meet Apple’s intuitive control.
  • Reolink and Hikvision: Secure your home with Apple

HomeKit-enabled cameras.

  • Samsung and LG: Elevate your entertainment experience with Apple HomeKit.
  • Ford and Tesla: Integrate electric vehicle charging with your Apple ecosystem.
  • SOMFY and ACMEDA: Motorized shades and window furnishings in sync with Apple HomeKit.

Elevate Your Apple HomeKit Experience

With robot® on your side, you can elevate your Apple HomeKit experience to new heights. Enjoy the convenience of controlling your entire smart home, from climate to security, lighting, and entertainment, all within the Apple ecosystem you love.

Unlocking the Future

Our commitment to bridging the gap between leading brands and Apple HomeKit is not just about today; it’s about unlocking the future of smart home integration. As new brands and products emerge, robot® will be at the forefront, ensuring that you have the flexibility and choice to create your ideal smart home environment.


Don’t let Apple’s strict conditions limit your smart home choices. With robot®, you can seamlessly integrate your favorite brands into Apple HomeKit, unlocking a world of possibilities and enhancing your smart home experience.

Experience the future of smart homes with robot®. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your smart home dreams a reality.

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