In our initial design consultation, we focus on educating you about the latest smart home systems and products. We aim to simplify the concept of smart homes, helping you understand and choose the right options for your needs.

Yes, our solutions are designed to work seamlessly with both Apple and Android phones, ensuring broad compatibility and ease of use.

Yes, for software-based issues or programmed alterations, we can log in remotely to your system. However, we’ll require your 2 Factor Authentication Code for secure access.

Security is our top priority. We set up robust passwords (chosen by you) and implement 2 Factor Authentication for an added layer of protection.

While Robot does not directly handle wiring, our electricians work collaboratively with your chosen electricians. We provide guidance, mark-up plans, and offer a “Product and Cabling Guide” to ensure smooth installation.

As of December 2023, our installation services are limited to the Sydney Region. We are exploring ways to expand our services to other cities and states, considering the extensive training required for our high-quality installations. We’re open to discussing general questions and potential solutions for clients outside Sydney.

Our team specializes in integrating new smart home solutions with your existing devices, ensuring a seamless and harmonious smart home ecosystem.

Our solutions are highly customisable. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a personalized smart home experience.

We provide comprehensive after-installation support, including troubleshooting, system updates, and additional customization as needed.

Yes, our smart home solutions offer remote control capabilities, allowing you to manage your home’s systems from anywhere.

Our smart home solutions are designed to be energy-efficient, helping you reduce energy consumption and costs through intelligent automation and monitoring.

Yes, we provide detailed training on using your new smart home system, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident in managing your home.

The duration of installation varies based on the complexity of your project. We’ll provide an estimated timeline during our initial consultation.

Our systems are designed with the future in mind, allowing for easy upgrades as new technologies and features become available.

What distinguishes us is our commitment to personalised, flexible solutions, our expertise in integrating a range of leading brands, and our dedication to customer education and support.

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