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What is a smart home?

We bring smart home technology to the masses.
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What is a Smart Home?

While phones and TV’s have been going ‘smart’, our homes have been lagging behind. For most of us, everything in our homes are manually operated, with no scope to connect our homes to the technologies we use every day. It is a bit like comparing an old fashioned phone to a modern smartphone.

A smart home uses cloud-based software to control familiar household devices, furnishings, comfort and security remotely using a smartphone or tablet via internet connection. A smart home allows homeowners to control just about anything through a common touch screen interface via wireless system. In addition, you can also leverage the power of voice control options through Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, or Apple’s Siri. robot® smart homes can integrate what you already have in your home, including the option of adding more to your existing home or help you build your smart home from scratch for new build homes.

Smart control of your entertainment
Smart control of your lights
Smart control of your lights
Smart control of your entertainment
Smart control of your curtains
Smart control of security
Smart control of your lights
Smart control of your air-con
Smart control of your lights
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Where you can go smart

  • Internal & External Lighting
  • Blinds & Curtains
  • Security Cameras & Alarms
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Multimedia – Music & TV
  • Incoming & outgoing phone calls – hands free
  • Door & Doorbells

Command & Control

Your convenient and clever Smart Home can be activated by voice command or a simple touch of a button via your smartphone, smart watch, iPad or tablet.

Robot Smart Homes voice command
Robot Smart Homes tech
Robot Smart Homes smart watch
Robot Smart Homes operating apps

Benefits of a Smart Home


Control everyday household tasks like opening and closing blinds and curtains, turning lights off and on, answering and making calls.


Set and forget. Pre set functions and times that suit your lifestyle


Save time. No need to rush around your home turning things off/on when leaving of entering your home.


Knowing you can access your home remotely, turn off lights, even unlock doors when the kids come home from school.


robot® smart homes adds value for home owners, and offer innovative appeal to future home buyers.

Because Smart Homes leverage the power of the internet, there is no need for expensive stand-alone home automation systems which can be complex and difficult to integrate. Instead, smart technology can be tailored to suit your needs and way of living, offering unprecedented convenience, ease of use, and substantial cost savings. It’s the smart choice.