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“Thanks to the simplicity of wireless technology, robot® smart homes allows you to conveniently and intuitively operate and control your home – from anywhere – at any time”.

Jacob Russo, Company Director

robot Smart Homes Showroom

Experience The Smart Homes Demonstration

Visit our showroom to experience our four different Smart Home options to see which one you prefer. Our Showroom is by appointment only so please book a suitable time and date.

robot Smart Homes Showroom

Professional & Innovative

robot® licensed electricians stay up to date with the very latest in Smart Home Technology

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Convenience & Control

Future proof your home with robot® smart homes technology

Mobile Device or Voice Command

We offer ease, simplicity and convenience for personalised, smart home control

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smart homes couple on lounge

Choose robot® smart homes

We are passionate about being ahead of the game when it comes to current and emerging smart home technologies.

Our vast technical experience specialising in this area uniquely positions us to advise on the endless possibilities smart technologies provide you when designing your smart home. We offer a complete Smart Home service.

Get connected. Go smart. Go with robot®.

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Smart Home Benefits


Control everyday household tasks like opening and closing blinds and curtains, turning lights off and on, answering and making calls.


Set and forget. Pre-set functions and times that suit your lifestyle


Save time. No need to rush around your home turning things off/on when leaving of entering your home.


Knowing you can access your home remotely, turn off lights, even unlock doors when the kids come home from school.


robot® smart homes adds value for home owners, and offer innovative appeal to future home buyers.

Compatible with

Google Home

Google Home

amazon alexa

amazon alexa