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Discover the ultimate smart living experience with robot® Smart Homes. Our cutting-edge technology integrates your home into one seamless, user-friendly hub.

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One Home, One App.

Take total control of your home all from one point of access.

Features and

Closely track your energy consumption and usage patterns giving you live data to help you visulise your consumption and help you save.

Every robot® Smart Home is fit with a tablet control panel mounted to the wall to ensure everything you need is conveniently within reach.

H.A. by robot® can be downloaded and accessed on your smart phone, meaning you have full control of your home everywhere you go.

Free up your hands with integrated voice control. Talk to you home and watch it react.

Set up your home to your schedule with timers. Make your home ready for sleep when you are, or wake up with you in the morning.

Take advantage of our scene controls. Allowing you to customise and group your favourite home scenes for any occasion.

Largest Range of
Compatible Brands

Flexibility to select from leading manufacturers combining the best of the best products to achieve your desired outcome.

- Installation Process

Make your home or project a robot® Smart Home?

Our team specialise in designing and installing bespoke packages to suit your lifestyle

Design & Customise Your Smart Home

Prepare & Deliver
Smart Products

Coordinate and
Manage Project

Program &

Your Home, Your Solution

Integrate your Smart Home with your current lifestyle.

Apple Homekit

Connect your home to your Apple ecosystem to seamlessly integrate your home into your lifestyle.

Recommended for Apple Users

Home Assistant

Tailored Smart Home Control designed to easily integrate all systems and devices.

Recommended for Android Users

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